Holyoke City GOP

How You Can Get Involved

There are several ways for you to help in the mission to promote the Republican Party here in Holyoke.

* The first would be to join us at our next meeting, to get to see what it is the committee is all about, and offer you the opportunity to join the organization. We post the meeting dates here on the website. You can also email us to share your interest. Be sure to let us know which ward you current reside so we can direct you to the appropriate ward committee contacts as well.

* You can also send us a financial contribution to help fund our efforts at electing Republicans to offices in Holyoke. You can send your contribution to the HRCC at:

Holyoke Republican City Committee

PO Box 6079

Holyoke, MA 01041

* Write a Letter to the Editor of the local newspapers... The ability to spread the principles and ideas of the party are dependent upon vocal and vigilant advocates taking the time to voice their opinions.

* Run for office... If you are qualified and willing to take on the very important task of running for office as a Republican, we want to hear from you.

* Help a candidate... Not ready to take the plunge yourself, but still have a passion for getting Republicans elected? All candidates need financial assistance as well as campaign help out in the field. Lend a hand hosting a neighborhood coffee meeting, holding a sign, making get-out-the-vote calls or go door-to-door with a candidate!

* The number one thing you or anyone could ever do is to vote on election day for the Republican candidates. Its been proven time and time again that every one vote has meaning and no election, particularly here in Massachusetts can ever be taken for granted. Please vote!

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